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Category: Docility

“Reality” settling in…

We promised a picture of Thistle Hill Reality without the dramatic sunset lighting….and here it is.  Like most young bulls, he finds the heifers on the other side of the fence more attractive.  So he did go wandering last night…into our neighbor’s herd of commercial Angus. But Thistle Hill bulls are always gentlemen.  First, Reality […]

Praise from across the pond….

…our English friend and partner, Angus Cottey, saw the picture of Thistle Hill Magic on our home page and wrote a glowing appraisal.  We’re immodest enough to share it.  Angus knows cows and a compliment for an American bull from the Brits is no small thing. He writes: “Magic looks a tremendous Bull, I recall […]

Giving docility a good name….

As we’ve noted before, visitors to Thistle Hill almost always comment on two things about our cows:  first, how healthy they look (and are), and then how well-behaved. Devon are naturally docile but our care does seem to make Thistle Hill cows and bulls especially easy to handle.  It’s an advantage in many ways, including the […]