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Everybody outta the pool…

…a momma black bear checks out our swimming pool! She almost certainly has a cub or two safely behind her but out of sight. For at least 17 years this bear has been raising her family in a den just below what is now Church’s house. More often she is content to splash around in […]

A hymn to farming….

….sort of. We’ve played music from the Peterson Brothers before.  They’re young men of a Minnesota farm family telling their story via rap, funk, etc.  Unintentionally, they often (as in this video) catalog pretty much all the sins of modern commercial farming. The argument is always that this rape of the land is necessary to […]

Bad beef is getting a little cheaper….

….according to market reports.  Industrial beef supplies are dropping from their record highs but still well above the level they were at when the boom began seven years ago.  It’s pretty much based on the price of corn and farmers have planted ever inch of ground thanks to the ethanol boom. Normally it takes […]

Bulletin: Media gets one right….

….along the lines of “monkeys and typewriters” but the Associated Press stumbled onto the truth about ethanol the other day.  The big thing is that, thanks to Google and Bing, there’s a good chance that this will become the new narrative.

Myth busting – Part 3….

….I’m from the government and I’m here to protect you. Bt toxin has been around for a long time; a major ingredient in pesticides farmers use on crops such as corn.  But those clever folks at Monsanto developed Genetically Modified Corn that puts the Bt toxin right in the seed. Well, along with all the […]

If this keeps up….

….soon all beef will be grass fed. ….and chicken will cost as much as beef. ….and we’ll all be eating artificial meat and poultry!  Don’t kid yourself; that’s the plan. There are quibbles I could make about the article, but at least the mainstream is beginning to question the government on this, too.