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Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

….has opened a new branch at Franchesca’s Dawn Farm near Halifax, VA.  Not long ago Amie Herrara purchased one of herd bulls—U2—and here are the first results.  Amie was worried that one of her heifers was too small to successfully calve, but U2 handled the assignment. Amie writes:  “we’ve been pleased with them all!  The […]

Thistle Hill alumni club….

….in fact, a family reunion in Tennessee.  The cow, P1, performed beautifully for us here….went on to Tomina farm….and is pictured here at her fourth home with her latest daughter, Annie.  The young bull recently lost his mother but P1 has taken over.  The scene is Tim Morrison’s farm in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Thistle Hill alumni club….

….it was a good weekend for heifer calves.  This little one (and again not so little) was born at Linda Hendrix and son, John’s, farm in South Carolina.  We sold mom as a bred heifer…the “bred” by Thistle Hill U2, who has done great things for our herd, too. Mom incidentally is a line bred […]