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Month: December, 2014

The Thistle Hill mob….

….well the follow-on generations….grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  We get together every Christmas Eve though it becomes harder and harder with significant others and their competing schedules.  This year four grandchildren were AWOL but it is still a fair-sized crowd to feed.  (Our children made for eight more but they were out of camera-range.)  

Thistle Hill food co-editors named….

….well not really, but sometimes I think it would be nice to have a Food Editor and, while I’d apply for the job, it would probably have to go to Tom Garnett of Boonesboro, Maryland.  And his wife, Brooke, would have to be the co-editor because she does the job of documenting his work. Not […]

Now here’s a Christmas story….

….we often get requests for standing rib roasts….particularly at Christmas time.  But we fear we would cheat too many of our regular customers so we are resigned to disappoint….even ourselves. But just to understand what we’re missing, British TV chef (and Devon farmer) Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s salute to a real Christmas decoration! Hugh F-W, as […]

Clearing up the confusion….

….or trying anyway.  One of the common misconceptions in that somehow organic beef is superior to grass-finished beef.  In fact, the only real assurance you’re receiving the full health benefits of the beef you’re eating is to be sure it’s not only grass fed but grass finished! It’s the “be sure” part that’s the trick.  […]

Everybody knows that….

….it’s clear that cows communicate with each other but there’s not been much research on it; at least as far we’re aware.  But here’s some confirmation from England. Thanks to Juliet Cleave in our Cornwall bureau for the link.  But we are sure communication takes place throughout the herd….not just between cows and their […]

Maybe a conspiracy…..

….hamburger prices at the supermarket keep climbing….and the supply of beef keeps dropping.  Where will it end?  It’s up to the half dozen major suppliers. And keep in mind….this isn’t real ground beef….but trims gathered up for 20 or so different places here and around the world.  It ain’t 100% pure, unadulterated local Thistle Hill […]

My morning coffee….

….”Bulletproof”, but am I protected against terrorists?  At least it’s low carb!  

Love and friendship on the farm….

  (there’s sound)

Some things just have to be seen….

….just as some things are hard to explain.  But watch this 5-year old girl try! Thanks to Church Matthews for the link.

Don’t let this get around….

….an explosive statement by a Boston University professor- physician-cancer expert: A low carb-high fat diet is as effective in treating cancer as chemotherapy.  So why isn’t it prescribed?  According to this man, simply because “there’s no money in it.”  If Dr. Thomas Seyfried is right, we’re going to have to add Big Cancer to our […]