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Month: January, 2014

More than you want to know….

….about the new Farm Bill.  But here’s a detailed look at the details from both the Left and the Right.  It starts by making the point that it should be really called “The Food Stamp Bill”.  More money goes to food stamps than farmers and, despite the claims that the bill cuts spending, it does […]


In the post below (The true cost of a bull) I forgot to credit the link to Juliet Cleave, aka:  The flower of Cornwall! Sorry.

What cold looks like….

….this was the thermometer outside the door at our friend, Dr. Sue Beal’s home in northern Pennsylvania this morning.  Something like minus 22 but at that reading, what’s a degree or two?  And keep in mind this is actual temperature, not the new-fangled “feels like” stuff. Actually, Sue says the wind has mercifully died down….the sun […]

The “new” journalism….

….here comes “the old fogey” again.  You’re warned! Back when I was learning to be a reporter, there was a course you had to take at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism that was based around a book with the title “How to Lie with Statistics”.  The idea was that great lies were always buried in […]

The true cost of a bull….

  ….in recent weeks, we’ve noted the same concern expressed on both sides of the Atlantic.  In England, Farmers’ Weekly is warning that pumping up bulls with grain for shows and sales is setting up the buyer for an expensive disappointment. Farmers’ Weekly says, as we’ve noted here before, the heavy use of grain results […]

Thistle Hill alumni club….

….it was a good weekend for heifer calves.  This little one (and again not so little) was born at Linda Hendrix and son, John’s, farm in South Carolina.  We sold mom as a bred heifer…the “bred” by Thistle Hill U2, who has done great things for our herd, too. Mom incidentally is a line bred […]

Meet TDA 10….

….over at Traditional Devon America we welcomed another excellent Tilbrook Cashtiller daughter over the weekend.  Sire was Cutcombe Jaunty. As the number indicates, our English project now has 10 calves: four bulls and six females.  It’s been a painfully slow process, dealing with the ramifications of both TB and the Schmallenberg virus which has closed […]

Winter morn….

…breaks over Thistle Hill. But no time to savor the view over a cup of coffee.  Animals to take care of and meat to deliver.  At least a little warmer—20 degrees—but more snow in the forecast. Photo by Wooz.

Put a little “life” in your diet…

  ….try organ meats.  Traditionally, of course, things like liver and kidney have always been considered “low class” cuts.  But they are the most healthful part of the animal. It’s not a good idea to risk buying organ meats at the supermarket, but if you know your farmer, there’s nothing better. You can, of […]

Just a rumor….

….but if I were still a reporter, I’d be on this one. There are reports in the Midwest that genetically-modified foods aren’t behaving as advertised and Monsanto has been buying-up old line seed companies. As I said, just rumor but maybe that chemical giant’s big bet may not be paying off.