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Month: May, 2013

It’s what’s happening….

….Smithfield, the big pork producer based in Virginia, has just negotiated a 7-billion-dollar sale to the Chinese.  Smithfield assures us that this is good news not only for its employees and shareholders, but for the consumer….assures us that the new Chinese owners share a commitment for high quality and safety in its products. Sure, if […]

We’re in the best of hands….2 & 3…

….two more articles from our old friend Dr. Joseph Mercola (well, I don’t know him but he’s never complained about all the stuff I steal from him so he must be a friend).  Starting again: to follow up two current threads:  can we trust Big Government and the people who supply our food and can we […]

We’re in the best of hands….

….a friend opined the other day that I was going a little far in my rants about Big Government.  He conceded the abuses but he said he’d rather have the safety of federal inspections than the alternative.  Turns out he…and we…have neither. Not to belabor the point:  know your farmer and know his processor.  […]

Big Ag’s balanced diet….

…with thanks to Big Government. We’ve dealt with this before, but here’s a good roundup on the issue.  Check out just a partial list of how much Big Ag spends winning friends and influencing Washington.  This is just the money they spend on your lawmakers and the bureaucrats…..doesn’t count the money they spend “influencing” scientists. […]

Victory for a farmer….

….if you don’t count the fact that he could still go to jail for a year.  The Wisconsin farmer, who produces raw milk and sells to about 200 nearby families, has become something of a cause in natural farming circles.  For several years, he’s stood off the Food Safety police who want to close him […]

The Thistle Hill alumni club…

…well the son of an alum, anyway.  This young seven-month old bull, Tomina Farms Titan, is the son of Thistle Hill’s Magic.  Magic was the meatiest bull we’ve ever raised here and he’s seen herd sire duty first at Tomina Farms in Tennessee and then gone on to Louisiana. Whenever Regina Tesnow sends us pictures from […]

Can we learn from the Europeans….

….one of our readers thinks so, though he asks to remain anonymous because he works for you-know-who.    Here’s the link: My own jaded view is that this becomes one more weapon to beat up on the little guy. If Europeans experience fewer food-related illnesses, I suspect it’s not because of bureaucratic efficiency.  Everything […]

We are about cows, after all….

….and we don’t want to get too far off subject.  Here’s an English Devon cow on baby-sitting assignment in Cornwall.  She’s from the Kew herd, of course, and our favorite Cornwall lass, Juliet Cleave.

Violating my oath….

….but I had my fingers crossed. Normally I stay out of politics on this blog, but ever since the boss of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture advised us farmers to trust the government and be less suspicious, I haven’t been able to keep silent.  What the IRS was doing to some conservative groups, is […]

The Monsanto Story….

…though I really can’t vouch for it.  Found this on the internet while reading about the demonstrations against Monsanto yesterday in 400 cities around the world.  The protest was aimed at Genetically Modified food but one commentor filled in some history on Monsanto I didn’t know. A link to one story about the demonstrations follows, but […]