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Month: February, 2013

From the kitchen….

….from time to time we try to bring you recipes that have stood the test of time.  And this is a classic from Gracie Allen.  Sorry, if you’re under the age of 60 you may not have heard of her but she was one of the great cooks of all time. Here is her classic […]

The “low cost” of beef….

….well, if you import it from Tasmania anyway. Our recent round-table discussion opened up a number of avenues that the “old reporter” in me couldn’t resist. One was the discovery that US Wellness, the largest marketer of grass fed beef on the Internet, was importing some of its meat from Tasmania.  (Yes, I had to […]

Roundtable: Can I make money selling grass fed beef?

It’s a question that comes up whenever a new Devon breeder recognizes the gourmet quality of the meat in his pasture:  can I sell this animal at a reasonable profit or do I have to settle for the price dictated by the auction barn?  That same new Devon breeder also quickly becomes discouraged when he […]

A milestone (of sorts)….

….part of the main Thistle Hill herd making its final move of the winter.  The stockpiled grass in what we call River Pasture is about 10 inches tall and we estimate this will take us to about the end of March. That could mean we have grazed the main herd through the winter for the […]

Where did all the flowers go….

….one of the blogs this weekend posted pictures of high school kids from 1969.  The pictures were originally in Life magazine and the subject was high school fashions.  Fun and interesting….but…. But the comments quickly fastened on just one thing:  there were no girls who were fat!  Clearly, something has happened in the past 40 […]

You have to care a lot….

….to brave a cold February evening to talk about pastures.  Cliff Miller of nearby Mt. Vernon farm in Sperryville was host to a group of grass fed farmers to discuss the finer points of raising all-natural beef.  Cliff does a better job than most of us in documenting the results he’s achieved and he’s getting […]

Goodby grass; hello corn…

A college study indicates the high price of corn and soybeans, thanks to the bio-fuel demand, is robbing us of grass and wetlands at an alarming rate.  The research was by a team from South Dakota State University and it says we’re losing grasslands at the rate of five per cent a year. That is […]

Margie Fry, R.I.P….

Margie Fry, the wife of Gearld Fry, died this morning, February 20th, after a long battle with cancer.  Fry, of course, is the man largely credited with sparking the resurgence of Devon cattle in America both with the import of Rotokawa genetics and his crusading fervor for the breed. With Ridge Shinn and David Schoumacher, Fry […]

What about bone marrow?

Don’t know.  Certainly love what I taste when I have osso bucco. But I have never really focused on the subject until our butcher, Doug Aylestock of Blue Ridge Meats, cut up some from our latest animal to introduce us to the treat.  I’ve always been really happy with the soup bones we get from […]

Spinach pops….

….now here’s a wonderful idea:  spray vegetables with sugar so kids will eat them.  No, really.  A serious suggestion from the “experts” in nutrition.