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Month: September, 2012

Time for a break….

….the beef and pork has been sent on its way….the cows are all on fresh pasture…so it’s time for a break. For the next few weeks we’ll be visiting Devon friends here and in England.  First stop: the annual Devon meeting near Cooperstown, NY and I do hope to find time to visit the Baseball […]

Sure hope this doesn’t jinx it but….

….wrapped up my annual physical yesterday and got a clean bill of health.  Well, as clean as it can for someone closing in on his 78th birthday. The doctor is very aware of our interest in grass fed beef and so he’s been tracking certain indicators very carefully.  One, my cholesterol levels, has come down […]

Whatever happened to the Farm Bill?

Well, unfortunately, it’s alive and well in Congress.  But at least one Senator is getting impatient with the delay and wants it passed now. We’ve made our own view clear: this is a trillion-dollar boondoggle (sweetened with the Food Stamp program to garner votes) that would be a good place to start if either party […]

From the chef’s corner….

Thistle Hill Farm communicates with its friends, neighbors and customers (generally everyone falls in all three groups) not only with this website and blog, but with Facebook and an occasional newsletter to those who ask to be put on our mailing list to be told when beef and pork is about to become available. The […]

Planning ahead…

…a few months back we initiated a sign-up program for our neighbors who wanted to reserve grass fed beef and pastured pork.  That seems to have worked well, with most people finding it convenient to program their freezer supplies to make room for our meat packs. The final steer in that series will be coming […]

How could we resist?

 Well, we couldn’t.  So here’s our new puppy.  Another English Shepherd from Oklahoma. We still tear up over “Pokey” but we thought this little girl might help.  She’s from the same breeder and in fact has some of the same bloodlines.  We expect the stork (aka: American Airlines) to deliver her to us about the […]