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Month: May, 2016

Needed: short term pasture….

….in the Petersburg-Richmond area of central Virginia.  A young farm couple we work with needs a pasture for about 15 cows…some with calves….for 90 days.  If you can help out, please contact us here at Thistle Hill.  We’ll all appreciate it. 540-364-2090  

New on the scene….

….well new to me anyway.  Tammi Jonas is an Australian farmer (cattle and pigs) who departed vegetarianism several years ago to become not only an omnivore but a butchers.  And not incidentally, an advocate for “natural” farming. Ms Jonas recently attended a pork producers meeting in Australia and found her worst fears confirmed.  Pigs are a […]

Extra company….

…..throw another steak on the grill! No, this isn’t at Thistle Hill.  We thank our friend and webmaster Keith Smith for the link.

Looking for volunteers….

….and here they are from the main herd. A big week at Thistle Hill as we implant embryos from the two heifers we purchased in England.  There are four more waiting in another pasture….young cows who’ve had just one or two calves. Again, we’re congratulating ourselves for choosing Red Devon some years ago….they are calm and […]

Eat. More. Fat.

….they’re having the same difficulty in England as here in the States….breaking down the “settled science” that fat makes you fat.  In fact, the right fat makes you thin…and healthy.

The cost of confinement….

….is generally discussed in terms of cost/benefit ratios.  What is it worth to keep an animal confined to a pen, indoors…sometimes even immobilized…in order to put cheap meat on your table?  (Forget, for the moment, that it is mostly unhealthy meat.) In the abstract, a few may understand that the animal is paying a terrible price […]

Buddy update….

….yes our rescue efforts with a twin abandoned by his dam continue.  Dee Carter, our housekeeper, farm hand, and most of all, dear friend and neighbor, has made “Buddy” her particular labor of love. As his mother quickly figured out, “Buddy” isn’t “right”….hind legs crippled, hooves malformed and mostly blind.  So he wanders the home pasture, trying […]

Life is a series of choices….

Heat checking….

….as we get ready to implant our latest embryos from England.  We’re using our best cows for this project.  The CIDRs were pulled just last weekend and this was the first time we could detect heat. Of the 16 cows we’re prepping, 10 came into heat today.  Eight days from that point we’ll be implanting the embryos […]

What is it about the Amish….

…..their life-style is not for everyone…but we certainly pay a price for our “progress”.  Thanks to Lois Aylestock of Blue Ridge Meats for the link. People always laugh at them, but they are the only people that don’t get CANCER