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Month: November, 2015

Bad beef is getting a little cheaper….

….according to market reports.  Industrial beef supplies are dropping from their record highs but still well above the level they were at when the boom began seven years ago.  It’s pretty much based on the price of corn and farmers have planted ever inch of ground thanks to the ethanol boom. Normally it takes […]

We aim to please….

….nothing’s too good for a Thistle Hill animal.  It turned very cold the other night and so we put out a bale of hay for our pigs to burrow into for warmth.  Today it’s sunny and the temperature is rising so they simply plopped down on top.  That’s our new boar and his three sows.  […]

Warning: do not try this at home….

….unless Mom is a Devon. Grandson Church Humphreys fortunately was on Thanksgiving break from college this morning to “bulldog” two newborn English calves.  This one is a heifer out of Essington Park Buttercup by Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon. Just slightly up the hill her full brother was also born overnight.  In both cases the dams […]

Keeping up with the demand….

….until now, we’ve been content to buy 6 to 8 piglets every year and sell a little pork.  But the demand has far outstripped our supply….so much that we don’t even announce when our pigs are nearing harvest. We think the exceptional flavor everyone raves about is due to the breeds we use—Tamworth and Gloucester Old […]

Don’t mess with Thistle Hill….

….we’ve posted a lookout. Photo by Duane Ard

Now all they have is de Blasio…

….but there was a time when New York City had cows….cows grazing right next to Grand Central Station.  Depends on your definition of progress.

You ain’t gonna get me (again)….

….last time I’d had no experience with humans and wound up with this sign in my ear.  Why?  My mother knows who I am! Photo by Duane Ard.


….right up there with ISIS and maybe even climate change.  This is only one of several reports in the past week on the menace of antibiotic resistant superbugs.  And this article makes the point that you’re not really protected simply by refusing the drugs for yourself, except in dire emergencies. Thistle Hill never uses […]

1/48th day old….

….or 30 minutes.  Mom is 1/4 Senepol….the rest Devon.  It’s a cross we really like for our meat operation.  The yield is better and no loss of quality.  The sire is one of our personal English bulls that Wooz calls “Handsome Ransom”. We like to tag pretty fast…before these guys “get their legs”.  But we […]

Thistle Hill alumni club….

….includes this truly international calf. The scene is Woolen, Ontario, Canada….the farm of Connie and John Moelker.  The proud mom in the back is all American from Thistle Hill…from the old Lakota 48 line…one of the most noteworthy of the Devon breed.  And the sire is from England…Traditional Devon’s Highwayman. Which brings us to this […]