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Month: August, 2015

Our grandson had a little trouble…..

….with the question, even though he’d just taken college calculus.  Fortunately, I’m his tutor on the important things.  

Glorious day’s end….

….photo by Duane Ard.  Thistle Hill nestled beneath the Blue Ridge.

No place quite like this place….

….our farm manager Duane Ard captures the magic of a day’s end at Thistle Hill farm!  

Getting to know you….

….we’ve mentioned before that nothing is more fun than starting another new farm in Devon.  And we’ve just delivered two cow-calf pairs to Bill and Cindy Ketner at Summit Point, West Virginia. Bill and his family have returned to his father’s home and he has one more year of commuting to his position at NIH before […]

Ma, our baby boy is all growed up!

His name is Augustine and he’s packed with Rotokawa 667 genetics.  He’s also the son of one of our favorite cows.  With all the attention we’ve been devoting to our English project, we didn’t want to give the impression we’ve been ignoring our breeding of Rotokawa offspring. At Thistle Hill, under the watchful eye of […]

Thistle Hill as laboratory….

….we’re fortunate to be considered something of a “place to see” if you’re studying this business (profession? trade? art?) of raising grass fed cattle.  Not long ago, we were visited by Sarah Flack who is in the very early stages of her career in forages,though she got quite a head start as a member of […]

What could possibly go wrong…..

….we keep coming up with new ways of killing ourselves.  Genetically modified organisms again.

Cooling it on the Mason-Dixon line….

….some of the cows we’ve sold write back to tell us things are better than they ever were at Thistle Hill.  Here’s THF Red Lad for instance getting a cooling shower out in the pasture at Spring Pastures Farm in Maryland. Brooke Henley tells us her farm in now ready to start offering meat.  If […]

Another bacon recipe…

…but first a confession.  Growing up I had potatoes at every meal….including breakfast.  That’s because Grandpa was “the potato king” of Market street in Chicago although after The Crash he was the exiled potato king. Still his devotion to potatoes held firm and now that he was out of work, he came to our house […]

Here comes the judge….

….our good friend from Cornwall, Ivan Rowe, was out on the show circuit again this week…judging the Launceston show.  And our Cornwall lass Juliet Cleave was there, too, and snapped this picture. We would guess Ivan has judged more cattle and more breeds than just about anyone.  And for the story of his own herd, […]