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Month: July, 2015

Recharging our batteries – 5

….and if this won’t do it, you need a new one. We usually wind up our English tours at the tip of Cornwall…not only because of the cows and the scenery but because this is where our search for pure traditional English Devon first began five years ago.  I used to say this was “Doc […]

What could possibly go wrong?

Call me a cynic, but I think we could write up the results of the study right now.

Recharging our batteries – 4….

….took us next on our annual sabbatical deep into Cornwall….land of Doc Martin…and Poldark…and Juliet Cleave.  Juliet’s infectious high spirits captivated us on our very first bus ride in the area.  (she was the local tour director) So it was pre-ordained that we’d invite her and her husband, Chris, to join our Traditional Devon™ group. Speaking of […]

A world without antibiotics….

….I switched dentists the other day and, for the first time in more than 30 years, the hygienist presented a cup with four little pills….yes, routine, preventive, antibiotic therapy.  The explanation was that I’d undergone hip surgery in 1980 and there was a danger of infection when she cleaned my teeth.  Never mind  that I […]

How can this be…..

….just in the past few days I’ve read more warnings in respected journals about the “dangers” of eating red meat and bacon. Of course, my other favorites—coffee, red wine and eggs—are regularly condemned as well.  Even my doctor asked me to get a cholesterol test the other day. Rather than issue a detailed rebuttal…in fact, […]

Re-charging our batteries – 3

….our visit to the new two of our partners had to be short because of the intrusion of real life.  Margaret Elliott’s mother had been hospitalized unexpectedly earlier that day…and Angus and Joy Cottey were both recovering from very serious illness. We confined ourselves then to brief courtesy calls.  We were pleased to see that our […]

Recharging our batteries – 2

….after a brief detour to the Cotswolds to stay in one of our favorite inns—Russells in Broadway—we plunged into the heart of Devon country.  This is famed Exmoor, in legend at least the birthplace of Devon.  The moor is both beautiful and forbidding but nearby are some of the finest Devon farms in the world. And […]