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Month: June, 2015

Re-charging our batteries….

….every year we return to England…and follow the same path…visiting old friends like  Gavin Hunter of Tilbrook farm not far from Cambridge.  We find looking at, and talking about, Devon with breeders like Gavin is a diversion and a challenge. Gavin is the top supplier of Devon bulls in England and we generally make Tilbrook […]

All too brief….

….we’ve just returned from a trip to England to visit our friends and partners in Traditional English Devon™.  As always, the friendship was warm and (progress of sorts) the beer was cold! Then the icing on the cake: we found two cows and a bull that fit perfectly in our program.  There’s all sorts of […]

From Canada to the Gulf of Mexico….

….you’ll find Thistle Hill genetics! A group of six of our heifers…two bred and these four just yearlings…were loaded for the trip to Canada just before dark last night.  Grandson Church Matthews and Duane Ard are shepherding them on board. The last little one did need a helping hand from Church.  It was a high step.  […]