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Month: April, 2015

A bovine pedicure….

….Rose Hill tech Jane Narrimore trims the nail of a young lady who had an abscess that needed cleaning up. The heifer moves into the cage…is tightly cinched to the side wall with wide leather straps…and then the whole assembly and heifer is tilted on its side.  The animal is given a mild sedative to calm […]

When a simple whistle isn’t enough….

….generally, we just give a “whoop” and our cows come running.  In fact, if they see the Gator they head to the nearest gate.  And on this side of the road, they get ready whenever the garage door opens. But this is certainly a more colorful way to summon the herd.  Wooz is already promising […]

Lining up at the passport office….

….well, not really.  But this group of heifers Wooz is checking out have their health exam completed and are now waiting for their export permit.  On the right is a bull from Lakota Ranch which will be sharing the trailer. Destination is Ontario, Canada and a farm owned by John and Connie Moelker.

Good morning….

….is there anything finer than going out into the pasture in the morning and being greeting by a heifer with her brand new calf?  We don’t think so. The mom is descended from one of the first Devon we purchased years ago.  We liked the line but the females had bad udders and we’re also […]

A grass fed short course….

….health blogger Dr. Joseph Mercola sums up a study by Clemson University and the USDA on the benefits of grass fed beef: A joint effort between the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Clemson University researchers determined a total of 10 key areas where grass-fed is better than grain-fed beef for human health. In a […]

Waste not….

….we’ve been trying to decide what to do with this old tree…victim of multiple lightning strikes over the years. Never occurred to us that it was a work-of-art, just standing there waiting for Emily Brezezinski, a sculptor of note who in recent year has been work with wood…..tree trunks, for instance.  With a chain saw! […]

The case for Thistle Hill….

….meat and animals.  Dr. Joseph Mercola sums up the four major threats to your health eating most foods you buy in restaurants and supermarkets.  Despite the growing stack of evidence to the contrary, the government is making it easier and easier for Big Ag to poison you….and our land and water. Thistle Hill never uses […]

But can TDA Churchill “stamp” his progeny….

  ….it would appear so. TDA™ Churchill 01….son of the great English champion Cashtiller….has now been used selectively on a few cows in our herd.  Here’s the result.  The dam is THF Wonderful W64 . Traditional Devon™ was formed to import pure English genetics into the American herd….to provide a choice for a breed that […]

The grass is always greener….

….if only by a little bit. These young calves probably went through the high tensile wire on the other side of the pasture…walked along a river…and back up this side to wait near the gate.  It’s become something of a game for seven of the calves this season. Better not to chase them.  Leave them […]