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Month: August, 2014

Nobody told me….

….seems like I’m always the last to know. Apparently the Peterson Brothers, who farm in central Kansas, have been “hot” in Ag (and not-so-ag) circles for a couple of years.  Their parodies of life on the farm have been big not only on YouTube but college campuses.  They’ve even taken their “act” overseas.  Thanks to […]

If everything else fails….

….maybe we can sell the view.  Our chief-of-everything around here—Duane Ard—snapped this picture from his porch the other evening.  That’s the Rappahannock down there in the haze….nearer us, a pasture we’re stockpiling for winter. Now that I really look at the picture, I’m thinking we’ll move in with Duane.  He’s got “The View”!

Looking ahead….

….most farms (not the big corporate ones) are a mix of a number of small enterprises.  In our case, that includes selling heifers and cows to those starting out or upgrading their herds, selling bulls to the commercial cattlemen, meat to our own customers, and steers (pictured here) to other meat operations.  And all have […]

Because it’s mine….

….on rare occasion I post something that has nothing to do with the usual topics of this website….not about food or cows or even our English partners….but…. This is not one of those times!  This is about Food and England…..and Music!  Opera, which I enjoy almost as much as Bacon!  (thanks to Don Kunnard for […]

The perfect storm….

An old CBS News colleague, Bill Kurtis, is a mover-and-shaker in grass fed beef circles….his Tall Grass Beef company marketing nationally.  But Bill thinks those of us operating at a smaller scale better not be making any big, and particularly long-range, plans.   Guest Blog August 2014 By Bill Kurtis  Dry Age Beef and the grass-fed […]

GMO foods…the extra ingredient…

….it’s never mentioned by supporters of GMO products….it’s not only the “food of the future” but “the wonder food”….perfectly.  Never said is that the only way these GMO foods get raised is with ever-increasing applications of herbicides. As the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Here’s Dr. Joseph Mercola’s take: […]

Gearld Fry stricken….

….we have received word through a family member that Gearld Fry, who has played a key role in the revival of the Devon breed, has been diagnosed with cancer. Fry has a farm in Rose Bud, Arkansas and was one of the founders of the North American Devon Association and is currently on the board […]

A fussy eater….

….not a phrase you associate with pigs.  But this one wants things just so.  First, she likes company when she eats.  And she does not want her milk on top of her cereal….separately please. Most pigs could care less but this one’s mother taught her proper etiquette.  She eats even more if grandson, Church, stays […]

Mama…don’t let your kids grow up….

….to be farmers. It’s still a no-win game despite all the publicity about the Locavore movement, farm-to-fork, food hubs, CSAs.  “blah-blah” stuff.  The dirty little secret is the Big Guys are killing us….and they’re the ones getting the subsidies and grants that enable them to further squash the idealists. The New York Times had the story […]

Letters, we get letters (cont’d)….

….and often the unexpected.  Recently we posted an item about one of our English heifers, Essington Park Buttercup.  Within hours we heard from a breeder in England we haven’t met—Martyn Heard—who farms near Exeter in Devon. Martyn told us he had purchased Buttercup’s dam in the Essington Park dispersal sale and he wondered about the […]