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Month: June, 2014

A “star” drops in….

….the Chick-fil-A mascot, Kate the Cow, paid a visit to our booth this weekend.  We were taking part in a fund raiser for the Marshall United Methodist Church.

A chance to see “Cereal Killers”….

….the producers of this excellent movie have made it available on-line through July 4th. “Cereal Killers” graphically demolishes the myth that you have to cut out the fat or you’ll get fat.  We ran into some “believers” in the notorious Food Pyramid this past weekend selling introductory packages of burger at the local Ruritan Park. […]

A well-balanced farm marriage….

….depends on the right woman, of course!  Thanks to Juliet Cleave of Cornwall for pointing this out on her Facebook page.

Stocking up….

….grandson Luis has been here for the past few days and, of course, everyone is put to work so I can supervise.  Here Luis is emptying bags of bass, blue gill and koi into our pond.  At the fish hatchery where we picked up the young ones, Luis got impatient that nothing was biting at […]

For your summer party….

….a Tamworth pork salad! Recipe from son, Church!  

On the road again….

….we’ll be taking the Thistle Hill tent to the Family and Friends Fun Day at the Ruritan Park in Hume, Virginia Saturday, June 28th. Lots of features for the whole family…..moon bounce, bands, baseball, food, face painting, you name it!  And again we’ll be offering our burger at a special low price as well as a […]

The word is getting around…..

….its even reached The Economist.  They’ve finally discovered that those things that were supposed to be bad for—-meat, butter, eggs, etc—-aren’t. Nothing in here you didn’t know but it’s well-presented. And if you want to buy the book, here’s Amazon.

X3’s new digs….

….as we’ve said before, the most rewarding part of what we do at Thistle Hill is helping others get started with Devon.  Here we deliver THF X3 (Red Lad) to Tom Garnett and Brooke Henley near Middletown, Maryland. X3 strode off the trailer and pronounced himself satisfied….with the pasture and his new herd.  Brooke wrote […]

One thing for sure….

….farmers aren’t seeing it. Headline:  meat prices hit all-time record high. The concentration of meat production in just a few corporate hands makes this inevitable.  Shoppers will blame farmers of course.  Later, the statistics will come out and show again that the farmers’ share of the cost is shrinking….the big processors who are “vertically-integrated” will […]

A recent visitor to Thistle Hill….

….we see black bears fairly often but seldom can we get this close…..particularly when mama is around.  But grandson, Church, managed to get this picture late today near our River pasture.