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…doing what comes naturally

OK….time for a Devon picture….

….a Devon….pure traditional Devon English heifer….but not in Devon….in Georgia.  One of our Traditional American Devon calves from earlier this year. She’s four months old now….the daughter of Essington Park Buttercup and Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon. She’s an embryo calf, of course, being raised at Doyle Unruh’s farm along with five of her brothers and […]

An idea whose time has come….

….although I have to admit “bacon chocolate chip cookies” is carrying it a bit too far!!S0mCY

Secret revealed….

….the real reason the French don’t get fat! Thanks to Dr. Sue Beal for the link.

Gotta get one of these….

….not. Here we have been spending all this time (and money) training Pokey to bring in the cattle and for $300 we could buy a drone to do the same thing.  A few more bucks and it can be equipped with a camera that we could monitor on our iPhones! Thanks to Dan Epps […]

Something else not added to Thistle Hill meat….

….another warning about the weed killer that is killing you:  glyphosate.  It’s everywhere….in fact, I see garden sprays actually bragging on the label in big letters that it’s in their mix. I think it is also important to mention in connection with those industry studies which “prove” that genetically-modified foods are safe”.  One thing those […]

Who knew? Brad Pitt is a farmer?

Well maybe this is just a cheap ploy to get more “visits” for our website….but finally something good about one of the Hollywood types.

Speaking of microbes….

….as we were in the previous post: here’s a review of a new book that appears to be an interesting and comprehensive look at the damage being done to us by the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. Just about all the meat you eat….in a restaurant or from a grocery store….has been laced with antibiotics and […]