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Month: April, 2014

The Pied Piper of Cornwall….

Juliet Cleave leads her heifers (there were 10 in trail) to the camera.  All of our English colleagues seem to have wonderful addresses: Lower Trewigget, St. Teath, Bodmin

Stop 3….

….Juliet and Chris Cleave continue to make great strides with their beautiful herd.  Juliet has joined the British Devon Society’s Council (Board) and is now hard at work planning next year’s world Devon conference in England. As we mentioned in our previous post, Bywood Jasper has several sons “assigned” to Traditional Devon’s English partners. Bywood […]

Stop 2….

….and Margaret Elliott climbs into a hay ring to get a better look at her bulls.  Her Cutcombe Farm has produced some great animals, including Cutcombe Jaunty and Cutcombe Millenium…sire of our herd bull Falcon. While we were there we arranged to collect another outstanding male:  Bywood Jasper.  He was bred by Ken Farmer, who […]

Batteries recharged….

….and we’re just back from our annual sabbatical in England.  We’re overwhelmed with the backlog, of course, but didn’t want to keep you waiting. First stop, Gavin Hunter’s Tilbrook Farm and here’s the latest in a long line of his winners.  This guy is just seven months old and Gavin has already set him aside […]

Off to recharge our batteries….

….for the next two weeks we’ll do nothing but drink in the scenery in beautiful southwest England.  And if you believe that…..

Big Brother moves in….

….when Barack Obama said he was going to “fundamentally transform” American, he meant it. Of course, EPA is here to “protect our health” from….whatever.

The truth continues to dribble out….

….swearing off meat is bad for you.  An Austrian study of vegetarians confirms that it is not a healthy life-style.  Just think if everyone ate red meat and swore off grains and sugar!

An idea whose time has come….

….we’ve been writing for some time about the hazard posed by the wide-spread use of antibiotics in raising animals.  So-called “superbugs” have come along making it harder and harder to fight bacterial infections.  Now, at least one hospital has decided to fight back.  It’s serving beef (and chicken) that was raised without antibiotics.,0,129974.story#axzz2xgebjUrS

All in a day’s work….

  ….there’s probably no course at the police academy for this kind of emergency.  A Florida sheriff’s deputy receives a call to rescue a drowning…..Bull!!slide=2511948 Thanks to Church Matthews for the link.