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Month: November, 2013

The test that counts….

….the latest from our new herd bull “Jackpot“.  This little bull calf born in icy rain is out of another line here that has produced some top bulls, 31. Along with “Magic“, “Jackpot“, a son of Rotokawa 243, is the most impressive-looking bull we’ve produced here.  But it is the progeny that counts and from the […]

The Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

“Shenandoah“….a yearling heifer who is the result of a pairing here at Thistle Hill.  The dam is Q1 and the sire, U2 “Double Trouble”. Q1 was an older cow we sent into retirement in the South—Tomina Farms in Tennessee—but, as you can see, she’s still working for Regina and Tom Tesnow.  Actually, at 8 years […]

In case you’re wondering….

….how the kids from St. Issey C of E Primary School did at the Wadebridge Primestock Show at the Royal Cornwall grounds…. THEY WON! We knew they would.  Thanks to Cornwall Bureau Chief Juliet Cleave for the picture.

Pokey gets the idea…sorta…

….ok…it’s still only sheep…and if you make a mistake and praise her, she’ll break-off and come over for a pat….but these are even “new” sheep!  Pokey went to an adjacent field to find the flock…rounded-them up…moved them through the gate in the background…. and brought them to trainer Monroe Williams of Strasburg. Monroe has now decided […]

Try it….you’ll like it….

….coconut oil.  A few years back we began using it instead of olive oil.  Unlike olive oil, coconut oil doesn’t break down at high temperatures. Turns out it’s like WD-40; it does just about everything.  Sweetener in your coffee…shampoo…toothpaste.  Here’s an article from Dr. Joe Mercola about its many benefits.  We order large jugs of […]

Here we go again….

….we enjoy trying things at Thistle Hill.  And here’s today’s “thing”:  a shipment of apple cider vinegar. It’s been around for a long time as an all-around tonic for livestock (and humans).  But most recently it was a column by Dr. Will Winter that made us decide to try it. ACV is said to be […]

Tilbrook Cashtiller, R.I.P…..

The great English champion Tilbrook Cashtiller has been put down.  She was the prettiest cow I have ever seen. Cashtiller campaigned in British shows for several years and was never beaten.  A great moment came at a Royal Cornwall show where she was named not only champion cow but Grand Champion.  Her ribbons, silver trophies […]

On the job training….

….”Pokey” went for her herding class yesterday and did quite well.  Monroe is a great trainer but somehow I think the lessons that stick come from Mom.  Cornwall’s Juliet Cleave saw this at the “World of Woof”.  

GMO labels….the risk factor…

Big Ag and Big food have been waging an expensive, and mostly successful, campaign to block demands they label their genetically-modified products.  They rightly fear a GMO label will chase away some customers. But here’s an expert in the field of risk-analysis who says the Monsantos of the world are not thinking this through.  And […]

A happy ending….

….and all is forgiven and forgotten.  Moms are that way.  The little bull calf slept late but obviously had eaten and had been mostly cleaned off during the night. He’s by THF Jackpot….and his young mother took to her new role immediately.  There is always a danger that a difficult birth can be so traumatizing […]