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Month: September, 2013

Put your heart in your mouth….

….was the name of a book written some time back by Russian-born neurologist and nutritionist, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  She now lives in England, practices at Cambridge, and is a fairly well-known authority on food as medicine.  That is, known to Wooz but not to me. She developed the interest in nutrition when she had a […]

September morn….

….a young cow greets the day atop one of Thistle Hill’s hills.  She’s U31 out of one of the first females we bought from the Trantham’s Lenoir Creek farm.  Sired by Watson, a Rotokawa 974 bull from Don and Heather Minto that was a major influence on our herd. We leave now for the joint meeting […]

Parade of bulls….about “Tail-End Charlie”….

“Charlie” isn’t his name, of course.  He’s Thistle Hill Falcon, an English bull, and smaller than the other bulls in the parade because he’s half their age.  Actually, we think he would rank in front among a group of his contemporaries. When we were selecting animals for our Traditional Devon project, Wooz decided to free-lance […]

Parade of bulls….Triple 8….

Triple 8….688-8….is another line bred bull.  He’s exactly two years old, the son of Rotokawa 688 of course as well as 688’s daughter, Thistle Hill Hope (R6). If you’re interested in a powerful concentration of the best Devon genetics, look no further than 688-8.  He can upgrade your herd in a generation. For the argument […]

Parade of bulls….Esprit….

Esprit….aka 180-6…is the result of a mating between our “wow cow”, as one cattleman called her, and the famed Rotokawa 688.  Frankly, he was slow to mature but now we’re glad we waited.  He’s not quite two he has a lot of growing still to do. We like the combination of Rotokawa genetics with some […]

Parade of bulls….Red Lad….

Red Lad….known as X3 in the registry…is another descendant of Rotokawa’s 974.  “Lad” is six months to a year or more younger than the other bulls you’ve seen so far in the parade.  But we think he is in line to take over the job when U2 moves on. The dam is one of our […]

Parade of bulls….Oh My….

At least this name makes sense!  “Oh My“….actually 688-6….is an impressive 30-month old line bred bull.  Son of the famed Rotokawa 688 out of a 688 daughter, R6, the star of our herd. R6 has produced more calves, and more winning calves, than any other at Thistle Hill.  And she has some stiff competition. Oh My […]

Parade of bulls – Double Trouble

First of all, don’t ask me about the name, entirely inappropriate for this gentle four-year old.  Wooz named him and says “no reason, I just called him that”.  Are you married? Anyway, Double Trouble….formally U2….is a grandson of Rotokawa 974 and he’s given us a string of wonderful calves, male and female.  With as many […]

Parade of the bulls….”Jackpot”

“Jackpot“…or W18…is approaching three and the Crown Prince of Thistle Hill.  We’d anoint him number one but it seems more fitting that we should, at least,  see the kind of calves he sires.  The first ones are due in October. The sire is Rotokawa 243, who Ken McDowall describes as his “final and best bull”.  And […]

Parade of the bulls….

For the next few days we thought we’d highlight some of the bulls in our Thistle Hill inventory.  The three bulls at the front of the parade here are just about two years old.  “Tail end Charlie” is not a runt.  He’s not even a year old and knows his place in the pecking order. […]