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Month: July, 2013

Antibiotics in the food chain….

….actually, animals consume more antibiotics than humans.  The drugs are given as preventatives for chickens, pigs and cattle in the industrial food industry.  Conditions the animals are raised in are so unhealthy that, without big doses of antibiotics every day, they would quickly die.  (A side effect Big Ag loves is antibiotics increase weight gain.) Of […]

A few of my favorite things….

….one of the satisfactions of living this long is to bury those who warned me that if I kept up my evils ways I was doomed to an early demise.  The list is long but red wine is at the top.  Beef, of course.  And bacon; definitely bacon! But worst of all, we were told […]

The menace that is Monsanto….

….I know it’s the proverbial broken record, but if there’s one thing I’m “called” to do, other than eat grass fed beef, it’s keeping Monsanto front in center.  There probably is no greater menace to the well-being of the world (and, yes, I include Islamic terrorism, Iran, Vladimir Putin and the Dallas Cowboys in the […]

If you care about your food….

….this is another “must read”. It’s written by a butcher in a small abattoir, a man who clearly cares about his work, and it’s worth taking some time with.  We’re very fortunate here to have the services of an outstanding small processor and they, and we, work very hard to provide the highest quality product. […]

Bee apocalypse now….

….we’ve only been vaguely aware of the apparently devastating destruction of America’s bee population.  But reading about it this morning I was reminded again of how little we know….of how little the so-called “experts” know….about the physical world around us. All I know, is we’re a part of something huge and grand and beautiful and […]

The great Thistle Hill cattle drive….

….well, maybe not quite.  But at this time every year we do bring the main herd in to work the calves.  Nothing dramatic like roping and branding.  We do carry some in a trailer to the vet…a more efficient use of time…for de-horning or castrating. But it’s all done without horses and any fuss.  You can […]

Add to bragging….

….(see below for Take One). And a grandson who just graduated from the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico!

We’re from the government….

….and we’re here to help you.  Not. For the small farmer, government is the gift that keeps on taking.  Now the bureaucrats have come up with a whole bunch of new regulations which, boiled down, threaten “to destroy” some operations.  Not my words.  A former USDA exec. What the government wants is more reports…just what […]

Red wine shortage strikes eastern US….

….which can only mean that Jim Gerrish and I have been at the Thistle Hill cellars again.  We call it a consultancy and from time to time I think we saw one of our cows, but mostly we ponder big strategic questions over Google Earth with a glass of red to clear our thinking. Actually, […]

Pardon the bragging….

….but it’s pretty hard not to when you have six children, 14 grandchildren, a great-grandchild and another on the way.  Seems something exciting is always happening around here. This year of course grandson Church has been off in Idaho working at Jim Gerrish’s Idaho ranch.  We were really proud when Jim left our 18-year old […]