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Month: April, 2013

Our government, here to protect us….

….The New York Times discovers the antibiotic menace.  Of course, years after the problem first surfaced. This article is revealing on several accounts: First, the most recent warning from the FDA was published in February but no one noticed until a public service group publicized it.  The government didn’t do much to spread the word. Second, […]

The antibiotic menace….

….is real and growing.  Antibiotics are not used primarily to treat sick animals, but as a weight enhancer.  They’re at least as effective as growth hormones but, just to be sure, commercial producers of meat use both.  In fact, antibiotics are used more in farming than among humans. Dr. David Kessler, a former commissioner of […]

Well, I’m banking on it….

….there’s a study out that says that if you stay away from the typical “western” diet, you have a better chance not only of living longer but in better shape. There’s the usual “scientific” warning about limiting red meat (no recognition that grass fed beef is a cow of a different color altogether).  Still, for […]

Thistle Hill Falcon….

….is four-and-a-half months old now.  He’s one of the pure, traditional English Devon.  Sire, of course, is Millennium Falcon…the dam Goldings Snowdrop. If you’re wondering where the rest of the herd is:  about a quarter of a mile and two electric fences away.  Yes, I do think he’s making a statement.  It’s not the first […]


….the main herd has now been moved from the last of the stockpiled grass and getting their taste of the “green stuff”.  It’s so good, they don’t stop even when you stand right over them…certainly not when you take their picture. Ironically, this could be the first time they’ll actually need hay.  Too green grass […]

And so it begins….

….tomorrow, with our main herd of mama cows, calves and steers moving from the last of this stockpiled grass into the pastures that will be their home through the spring and early summer.  Not quite mob grazing…we’ll be putting only about 75,000 pounds pressure per acre…less if we think it’s wise along the way.  And […]

Don’t forget me….

….”Bacon” was a little late for the photo shoot but followed along the fence until her picture was taken. We enjoy the pigs so much we often consider raising our own.  But that requires feeding a big sow year-around and dealing with a boar, too.  Besides, the folks who supply our piglets, Deb and Curry Parker, […]


….from the pig pasture.  We never seem to have any trouble getting our pigs to pose.  I guess when you know you’re beautiful…. They’re approaching 200 pounds now and thriving with the new non-GMO feed we’ve been giving them.  Soon, we’ll take delivery of four more piglets and plan to have 8 to 12 at any […]

One of those moods….

….sometimes you just don’t feel like going out and feeding the pigs….and that’s when you get what might be called “off topic posts”.  Though as I confessed in my very first post, I have no idea just what the topic of this blog is. I like this for the spirit and an insight to one […]

Baring their “all”….or almost all….

….a group of young farmers in southwest England got together  for an unusual concept for a fund-raiser: a nude calendar.  Don’t know what it is about the Brits and their nude calendars (remember the movie “Calendar Girls“? In Devon circles, about as racy as we get is a calendar featuring cows…unclothed…but nevertheless still cows.  Warning:  […]