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Month: March, 2013

In tune with the season….

Another YouTube video from Juliet Cleave in Cornwall.  A new calf never ceases to amaze and it’s particularly rewarding when you “save” one….as Juliet’s husband Chris does here.

It’s about time….

….safe food advocates are turning their fire on President Obama and Congressional Democrats for their “patty cake” deal with Monsanto.  With all the talk about sequestration, the powers-that-be made sure last week that the dollars keep rolling to the chemical giant. Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski snuck the pro-genetically engineered language into a massive continuing resolution […]

Your reading assignment for tonight….

….if you’ve been wondering what the “gluten free” fuss is all about, this may be the best treatment of the subject. Technically, only a few percentage points of the total population are said to be gluten-sensitive but I doubt that.  From personal experience, all the aches associated with being 78 years old disappeared from the […]

A change of pace….

….first from Juliet Cleave, of Kew Herd in England, the belle of Cornwall.  As you know, Britain has been hit with a horsemeat scandal.  Horsemeat has been turning up in all the wrong places, like packaged lasagna. Then, a cartoon spotted somewhere on the internet.  A spoof of the meaningless labels you now see in […]

Can’t forget the pigs…

….they seem to do just fine in the snow and cold despite very short hair. We do give them an extra ration in bad weather.  And this is a good time to note that we now are giving them non-GMO feed.  It’s always bothered us that the one weak link in our “doing things naturally” process […]

Keeping her young….

….though she didn’t seem to appreciate my thoughtfulness.  Wooz getting plenty of fresh air and exercise this morning, cutting the wrapping on a bale of hay for the main herd.  I’m supervising from the warmth of the tractor cabin. Michael Ortwein may be proud of his horned steer doing the same job; but I’ll put […]

What a difference a day makes….

….less than 48 hours after planting our Italian ryegrass on a sunny and warm Spring day, this was the scene that greeted us this morning.  Five inches of snow.  Not only beautiful but perfect for the seed snuggled below. Hopefully, the borderline freezing temperatures will mean a slow melt for the next few days.  That’s […]

Why do women live longer?

Sorry men, “because we take such good care of them” is not an acceptable answer!  But reading one of those health blogs this weekend I discovered there’s something we can do to balance things out: Yes, eat more grass fed beef.  You have to read a long way for the payoff, but it’s there. […]

A low bar….

….now comes a British expert who says we’d be safer eating hamburger than those bags of pre-cut salad.  The label says the salad has been washed, of course, but that’s not enough. Now about the line:  “safer than hamburger”.  Suffice it to say we think there’s probably nothing more dangerous to eat than commercial […]

Just in time for the snow….

….please.  On his last visit, pasture guru Jim Gerrish had recommended we try seeding some Italian rye grass into one of our pastures and here we go.  A beautiful early Spring morning; hard to believe 8 inches of snow is on the way.  But that’s perfect for new seeds. I sometimes think we should call […]