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Month: January, 2013

They’re trying to kill us…

…a new study offers something of a surprise: you’re more likely to wind up with food poisoning by eating leafy green vegetables than anything else.  We’re assuming that’s because so much of the greens we eat are imported from countries where oversight is not as stringent as here. Not surprising is that, while food poisoning […]

Fourth time the charm?

Our English colleague, Gavin Hunter of Tilbrook Grange, has just sent along a picture of his next entrant in the annual Devon sale.  He’s Tilbrook Jubilee, a 2-year old, whose dam was sired by Gavin’s wonderful Tilbrook Sunset.  Dad is a Stonegrove bull. Gavin’s bulls have topped the sales three years running.  The previous three […]

Sign up for Thistle Hill beef….

This note from a neighbor and customer reminds me that we haven’t invited you to try Thistle Hill beef for yourself: We had DELICIOUS (Thistle Hill) t-bone steaks last night…cooked rare! Emphasis is the writer’s.  In the past few years, we’ve been unable to keep up with the demand but we have been setting aside some […]

The chemical arms race…

…. was going to call this post “GMO Roundup” (pun intended). But it really is chemical warfare right on the farmlands of the United States.  It all started with Monsanto developing a powerful herbicide, “Roundup”.  The trouble was, Roundup not only killed weeds, it killed the corn. Not to worry, then Monsanto developed Roundup-resistant seeds […]

Don’t cut back….

…on the minerals.  We’ve noticed in the past week or two that the cows have suddenly increased their intake of minerals.  We’re assuming the bitterly cold temperatures have finally done-in the fescue grass, which is pretty good feed in the winter.  But the cows (or in this case, the young bulls) know best.  We’ve also begun […]

A Cornwall kind of a mood….

…don’t know whether it’s Juliet Cleave’s video below or that I’ve been working on the Traditional Devon photo albums over at … but I was feeling a little “homesick” this morning.  But nope, this isn’t Cornwall. Fortunately, our farm manager Duane Ard sent a long a picture he took on his way home past […]

Why can’t the English….

…learn to speak English?  To quote Henry Higgins. If you’ve watched the video from Juliet Cleave of Kew Herd just below you may have been puzzled, as we were, by her statement that Devon eliminated poaching. We never consider our Devon fierce enough to discourage thieves so we wondered what Juliet was feeding hers’.  Poaching has […]

It’s show time!

One of our English friends, a partner in the Traditional Devon project, has just produced a YouTube video that we think is wonderful.  Juliet Cleave, of Kew Herd in Cornwall, comes from a long line of Devon breeders, and in her video she combines great archival pictures with her current herd.  Make sure your sound […]

The apocalyptic threat….

It’s already happening, of course; that is, antibiotic-resistant diseases.  And it is a major reason why Thistle Hill never feeds its animals, cows or pigs, antibiotics.  But it’s routinely added to the feed most people use with their herds….that and the fact that most of the grains used in animal feed are genetically-modified.  In England, […]

But is it the final “final rule”?

For years, the government has been trying to lay down animal identification and transport rules that would have imposed a particular burden on the small farmer and favoring Big Ag.  But now it does appear that most of the burdensome regulations have been stripped out of the final rule thanks to the work of the […]