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Month: December, 2012

Praise from across the pond….

…our English friend and partner, Angus Cottey, saw the picture of Thistle Hill Magic on our home page and wrote a glowing appraisal.  We’re immodest enough to share it.  Angus knows cows and a compliment for an American bull from the Brits is no small thing. He writes: “Magic looks a tremendous Bull, I recall […]

Cooking brisket….

When children, grandchildren and great-grandchild get together for Christmas Eve dinner, you need a substantial piece of meat.  Brisket, I think, is the perfect choice.  Several of our Thistle Hill customers report they also had wonderful meals this year, slow-cooking our grass fed brisket. So I share Wooz’ “old family recipe”, which is certainly old […]

You can go home again…

….at least if you’re Thistle Hill’s Q25.  She was born on this same pasture seven years ago…sold to John and Teri Guevremont’s Reality Farm of nearby Sperryville, Virginia three years ago…and now returned here for mating with one of our bulls. Q25 is one cow we should have never let get away.  With the superb […]

An update on our English calves…

…at Walker Century Farms in South Carolina.  Bill and Nancy Walker are our partners in Trditional Devon America and caretakers of these two heifers. They’re English Devon calves sired by the great Cutcombe Jaunty out of the famous Tilbrook Cashtiller.  There are three more heifers here at Thistle Hill along with two bull calves.   They’re all […]

The looming meat “cliff”….

…and we could be falling off that, too. Kit Pharo linked to the drought monitor today and it demonstrates that while the drought over much of the country is forgotten….it certainly isn’t gone! The drought has forced many ranchers we know in the Midwest and West to cut back their herds or even close […]

When it absolutely has to be there overnight….

….we always hope transport driver Mark Howard is available.  The other day we made a large (for us) shipment of six cows with calves and a bull to two farms in Tennessee.  The scheduled morning arrived and so did a heavy rain the night before.  That made it impossible for Mark’s big rig to get […]

This just in….

….with apologies for the picture quality, we still think you can determine the quality of the subjects.  These are the next two truly pure and traditional English Devon imported by Thistle Hill farm in partnership with two other breeders. Actually, embryos were imported and then implanted in American cows, who carried them to term.  These […]

In the “calf-bird” seat….

…a favorite napping place for calves, particularly when it’s cold or wet.  Certainly more comfortable than the hard ground.  Mom probably likes it, too.  She can key an eye on Junior while eating.  Sometimes the calves refuse to move, even when we want to dump a new bale into the ring. Sometimes, we also miss […]

Suspicions Confirmed Department

Actually, we’re not big fans of these kinds of studies….seems the results too often reflect the prejudice of the researcher.  But since this time it’s my prejudice, why not?  Eating junk food makes you dumber.

Upgrading two pastures….

  ….by adding all-weather water points.  These non-freeze waterers (if there is such a word) will give us greater flexibility to move our herd around.  Neighbor Herman Harlow is at the controls of the back hoe and I’m imitating a highway construction crew. Herman has done a lot of site work for us over the […]