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Month: October, 2012

And here she is!

Our new English Shepherd…Pokey Two or Okie.  Just don’t expect her to come when you call using her real name, Bonnie.  For some reason she likes Pokey and Okie. This also seems to be her favorite place: the front steps of the library.  From here she can watch the driveway for intruders and the cows […]

Gearld Fry update….

Gearld Fry, founder of the North American Devon Association, is reported to have successfully undergone six-hour surgery for a triple bypass  yesterday and is resting comfortably.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  Gearld is not the kind of person to take it easy so the recovery will undoubtedly be just that…speedy. Gearld was hunting elk in […]

We’re back….

….and Wales looked just as it’s supposed to.  We spent five leisurely days sight-seeing, eating and mostly de-compressing after a hectic year.  The quality of the food was a particular surprise and each evening we debated salmon vs. lamb and wished we could have both. As for cattle, we were introduced to the Welsh black […]

Fry undergoes heart surgery…

Well-known cattle expert Gearld Fry was scheduled to undergo heart surgery Friday morning, October 19th after experiencing heart pains on a hunting trip.  Fry, who has been the guiding force in the North American Devon Association, will have a triple by-pass operation. The new president of NADA, Greg Hickl, has emailed the following: Gearld was […]