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Month: August, 2012

We don’t think so….

….you may say they’re alfalfa pellets but they sure look like grain and Mommy told us to stay away from grain. At least that’s what these two heifers seem to be saying to Wooz.  Some of our animals never do try them….coming into the pen when we treat the herd to alfalfa pellets but just […]

A special visitor….

We welcome quite a few visitors to Thistle Hill, but mostly they’re looking for a bull or heifer or curious about where their meat is raised.  Unique then to have a guest who just wanted to get into a tractor.  But what an interesting guest! He’s Rev. Hayden Vaverfek, who grew up on a farm in Michigan […]

A Rotokawa-sired bull….

….right here at Thistle Hill….he’s one of Rotokawa 243’s sons…. …as good a young bull as we’ve ever seen.  We do believe we’ve found next year’s herd sire.  W18 has an equally promising brother in a nearby pasture and you’re always welcome to drop in and check them out. We think 243 has never gotten the […]

A Rotokawa update….

Famed New Zealand breeder Ken McDowell is spending several months in the States, currently enjoying a reunion with his Rotokawa herd. He’s doing more than visiting, though, he’s working with the new owner of Rotokawa, Henry Hauptmann, making breeding decisions.  It’s a fine art for Ken as he draws out his plan, matching bulls to […]

We get letters….

….whenever we send out our latest boxes of beef and pork.  Those who are new to Thistle Hill meat apparently never quite believe what we’ve been saying:  not only is it healthy but it’s delicious. Here’s an email we just received about our PorkPak from Susan B.: We are so enjoying the pork we purchased […]

Farewell, dear Pokey….

Our little Pokey died a week ago during a procedure to have her spayed.  We’re not sure but apparently the cause of death was an aneurysm. Whatever, it was an unexpected and devastating loss.  In the few short months she was with us, she took over our home and our lives.  She was still learning […]

Mea culpa….

Again, the press of outside business well away from Hume has limited (alright, eliminated) posting recently. As a way of apologizing, there will be several updates today to catch up.  But first a big thank you and hug to Wooz for all she has done to keep our mob grazing and the water tank filled.  […]

Don’t look at me….

….that’s the government’s attitude to the startling news that we’re all fat, and getting fatter. The study comes from the Center for Disease Control and documents the weighty news and what obesity is doing to our health (and health costs).  But, of course, the tone is “tsk tsk” and no recognition that government programs such […]

Nothing ever happens in our little county….

….and we like it that way.  But now “mass” protest has struck and it’s farmers with pitchforks. Seems the zoning people have gone downtown on us and want to crack down on roadside farmers’ stands who are engaging in what economists call “line extension”.  The problem apparently is that some folks want to stretch the […]

Gerrish at 75%….

…at least, that’s what he says.  Jim Gerrish was in a serious ATV accident about six weeks ago and was seriously injured.  He tells us this morning that he’s much better—that is the 75%—and has resumed a limited schedule of work….both in his pastures and on the lecture circuit. Good to hear!