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Month: July, 2012

On top of the world….

….a picture of our granddaughter, Marion, exuberant at the view of the Rockies from her summer camp.  I think this captures perfectly the joy in being young, alive and confident of a limitless future. Just thought I’d share the feeling with you….hope you’re not so old that you no longer get it.

Well, of course…

….once again, in a remarkable display of bi-partisanship despite the bitterness everywhere else, Republicans and Democrats have gotten together to produce another monstrosity of a Farm Bill.  As befits such a bill, it is laden with 60% more pork than the last one. Corn subsidies are still there even though corn is at the highest […]

A terrible tragedy….

A car crash has claimed the life of the son of Kim and Ann Seeley.  Kim is a dairy farmer and the former, longtime president of PASA, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. The Seeley’s 29-year old son, Shon of Troy, Pennsylvania was killed when his SUV ran off the road Tuesday night.  As though […]

Once more with feeling…

….we were at a party last night where, once more, someone in one of the conversation circles, announced her family “just doesn’t eat much red meat anymore”.  Not a vegetarian exactly, you understand, just would rather not eat much red meat. Because I was a guest (and off-duty), I again let the remark pass.  I […]

Drought claims noted Devon herd….

Quite a few cattle owners have decided to throw in the towel because of the drought, and now we’ve heard from Devon breeder Bill Roberts that he’s planning to disperse his herd. 12 Stones Grasslands Beef is one of the outstanding Devon operations in the country.  Bill kept it in the Midwest when he moved […]

Alright. That does it! – 2

The other day we mentioned that “the place” Devon in our mind actually stretches quite a bit farther than the place on the map.  About as far south as you can go is Cornwall, where several of our partners in Traditional Devon live and farm.  One of those is a vivacious young woman named Juliet […]

Alright…that does it!

We’re booking our flight for Devon right now!  This picture of Devon near storied Exmoor just came in from our English friend and colleague, Shiamala Comer, who has the good fortune to live there.  She also is the breeder of Millenium Falcon, the sire of some of our Traditional Devon embryos near to hatching. We’ve fallen in […]

About food prices…

The media has somehow found out that we’re in a major drought.  (They’ll have to get out more)  And that means food production is going down and prices are going up…particularly the price of corn. One article we read has some interesting insight: primarily that since the cost of producing food makes up only a […]

Catching up….

What with long power failures, travels and visitors, we’ve fallen behind with our blogging.  The topic here is food…beginning with the dinner guests prepared for us here at Thistle Hill. To explain:  we asked Rappahannock’s wonderful chef, Sylvie Rowand, to stage a dinner here for friends in the style of her native Reunion, a French […]

BULLETIN: Famed Rotokawa herd sold…again…

A stunning announcement in the Devon world this morning:  the famed Rotokawa herd, which originated in New Zealand, has been sold to Massachusetts breeder Henry Hauptman of East View Farm in Hardwick.  Henry has been a fan of the herd from the moment he went into the cattle business and this fulfills a long-held dream. Henry […]