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Month: April, 2012

Our photographic herd….

Our girls barely removed the make-up from their recent video-taping, when there was another camera call.  This time from Grit, the rural magazine that has been publishing for more than 100 years.  And Grit selected this photo of T2, one of our four-year olds, for a story on the grass fed cattle business in their […]

On this, I’m not so sure…

At first glance, it’s another case of Pointy-Head Over-reach.  Bureaucrats cracking down on a blogger when he has the temerity to recommend the Paleo (Cave Man) diet even though he’s not a professional nutritionist. What he seemed to be doing was recommending the diet to his readers based on his happy experience with what it […]

BULLETIN: We beat the bureaucrats!

It was a powerful demonstration of the new so-called “social media” at work.  I’ve never seen such a push back as the ag community staged against the proposed Obama rule that would have prevented kids from doing chores around the farm.  We reported on the proposal (see below: I’m from the government…) as did every […]

Grandpa knows best….

It’s interesting to watch our old friend Kit Pharo move in the direction of becoming a “healthy eating” advocate.  For those of you who don’t know him, Kit is a very successful Colorado rancher who raised himself from rodeo vagabond to head what may be the largest bull stud operation in the country. We’re not […]

Grazing with the Stars….

Thistle Hill went Hollywood this afternoon; well not really.  But we were taped for a video being prepared by Holistic Management International.  As you probably know, about a year ago we were fortunate to be selected for an HMI pilot project in Rappahannock county (the river was low then and we snuck over from Fauquier […]

One more thing to worry about….

…rabid bear.  They shot one near Charlottesville, about an hour from here.  We haven’t heard of a rabid bear, not even a rabid animal of any kind in our neighborhood for many years. We actually do have a big mama bear on the property.  She has a den just beyond the pond and in a hillside […]

Where’s that old saxophone….

OK…time for a little culture.  Maybe past time. A Brigham Young University professor, who has a Dixieland jazz band called the Hot 5, was in France with his group and was taken with the beauty of the cows in a pasture along the road.  He broke out his horn…his friends joined in…someone had a camera…and […]

A peek behind the curtain….

If you feel the meat you’re eating isn’t as tasty as it was when you were little, you’re right.  Studies show that the percentage of meat qualifying for “Choice” and “Prime” has dropped way down.  It’s the result of hurrying the cattle with hormones and grain. But time is money, and Industrial Ag, and their […]

You gotta love her….

Wooz and I spent an enjoyable few hours with son, Church, today photographing much of our herd.  We wanted new photos to “freshen” the website.  We also wanted to grade our younger cows…such as X64 here with her mom.  64 seems to turn out “A’s” year in and year out and her calves are always […]

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you….

We try to keep politics out of our blogging….we really try.  But the #&*@! pointy-headed bureaucrats are doing it again. They’re about to promulgate a regulation which would make it illegal for us to have our grandchildren join us in working on the farm.   From the time they’re able, some of our grandkids love to […]