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Month: January, 2012

This little pig….

…had come all the way home, and with her sister and brothers.  But not before a Great Pig Adventure!  We had purchased the four piglets Monday, at Cathy Cochran’s Oak Hill Farm, a trip of about 75 miles.  Wednesday, there was a knock at the door and the news that four piglets were out on […]

Where do we go from here….

….that’s what a group of us who have been involved in the Holistic Management pilot project met to discuss last night.  To eliminate the suspense, we all quickly voted to continue. The idea behind the project is to demonstrate that a farm can be management without all the usual inputs of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and […]

Random thoughts while waiting for a cow to get “in the mood”….

We’re keeping a close eye on the eastern pasture today, watching for three cows to demonstrate they’re ready to be bred.  (They mount each other and everything in site; have to be careful in our Gator)  Once we note the time, we count forward six to eight days to transplant more embryos. We’re also playing […]

Want to make pork unhealthy?

Just feed your pigs anti-biotics.  That’s the finding of a new study.  All the pork you buy at the store has been raised in confinement houses, much as chickens are grown.  To keep them from getting sick and dying, they are dosed with anti-biotics.  It also apparently aids feed conversion so the hogs grow faster. […]

Mostly cows are fun….

….but when it’s the middle of January and the sun isn’t quite up and the temperature is 16 degrees and there’s a wind, it’s one of those moments you question your sanity.  But the timing says this is the precise moment to implant an embryo that was collected back in England six months ago, and […]

Alright, forgive a little hokum….

…but there’s still some truth in this.  There are still some “little guys” farming, in defiance of Big Ag and Big Government.  And this is for them:

The story of a hero….

Thanks to our friend Dr. Sue Beal who sent us this true story of an authentic hero from the Korean War.  It is the story of a horse, Sergeant Reckless, who in one battle for a contested hill made 51 trips to the fighting…carrying ammunition on the way up and wounded Marines on the way […]

Sticking to the plan…

Once you start the process of embryo transplants or artificial insemination, you have to stay on schedule.  And again this year, as it has for the past two, Nature decided to see just how serious we were about this business. The cows certainly kept to their schedule despite the snow; they went into heat early […]

Turn at the sign….

To make it easier for both our meat and Devon customers, you can now look for this sign at the entrance to Thistle Hill Farm.  We’re on Crest Hill road (647), 2.2 miles west of Leeds Manor Road (688). The sign was fabricated by Quail Run Signs over in Hamilton and we think John Ralph […]

Thistle Hill Farm South

We just made a quick down-and-back trip to North Carolina to check on the embryo cows we are raising there.  Clearly they’re thriving on the eastern Carolina grass. And is it just my imagination or are the Angus standing back as this princess crosses the pasture.  She’s a line-bred Rotokawa 688 daughter, one of 10 […]