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Month: December, 2011

Somebody does it better….

….and her name is Sylvie Rowand of nearby Washington, Virginia.  For those of us who like eating food as much as producing it, her website is a delight, an inspiration, a must-read! Born in France, Sylvie and her husband now live in Rappahannock county where she has her own business:  “Laughing Duck Gardens and Cookery”. […]

‘Tis the season….

…to start feeding hay.  And at Thistle Hill, rather than put the hay in rings or feeders, we unroll it onto the ground.  It’s the way cows are used to eating, of course, but just as important is the extra organic matter that finds its’ way back into the soil.  And by taking a new […]

Doc Wooz makes a house call….

…on a two-month old heifer with a cut on her leg.  Normally we’ve been waiting until she’s nursing and then she barely notices the slight sting of the medicine.  (It’s in the spray bottle Wooz is holding in her right hand.) But on this day she thought it would be fun to play tag and […]

Vegetarians: Blood on their hands, after all?

There’s not much question that humans, their teeth and digestive systems, have adapted over the years to eating meat.  Not much question either that eating natural meat is good for you.  Not even any question that eating natural fat is good for you, too. The argument vegetarians advance that many have trouble answering is the […]

On the soap box…

A note to all the currently-unoccupied “Occupy Wall Street” folks.  Why not target a truly greedy and evil company:  Monsanto? If there has been a company more responsible for despoiling our earth and our food supply it is this chemical giant.  Particularly galling are all Monsanto’s ads proclaiming its dedication to “sustainable agriculture”.  In fact, […]

The best part….

….of raising Devon is coming into a pasture at sunrise and finding that your herd has a new and excellent addition. Second best is hearing about a wonderful addition to another herd, particularly if it’s from our bull.  This is five-day old Tomina’s Ruby Slippers at Tomina Farm in Waynesboro, Tennessee.  Dad was Thistle Hill’s […]

Now about Senepol…

Back in the beginning, when we were deciding on the breed that would do best in our area and provide the best meat, we considered not only Devon, our eventual choice, but Senepol.  And here is our newest calf from a Senepol mama, born yesterday.  She has a Devon daddy and we’ve found the cross […]

The interloper….

Despite the disappointing results of the recent sale of Rotokawa bulls, we were pleased to see that one young bull did quite well.  However, he was not out of a Rotokawa cow, but one that calls Thistle Hill “home”. Her name is the not-very-melodious “180” and she’s shown here nursing another of her bull calves […]