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Month: November, 2011

A grazing update….

With our neighbors all feeding hay for some days now, I took a quick run through our pastures and think we’re still in pretty good shape.  Our mob grazing experiment has paid off with a better winter stockpile of grass than usual. The main herd still has more than a month of grass left and […]

Turkey Bowl VI…

Our annual Turkey Bowl has become a fixture of our family weekend.  And the play has improved each year, mostly because our grandchildren have moved up to high school and college. Grandpa, in the center, has also moved up to great-grandpa and has been assigned a more limited role to a few plays as nose guard and […]

Thanksgiving feast at Thistle Hill…

Why we’re so fat….

Dad’s note:  what follows is a post from our daughter, Carolyn.  At the Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, they call her Dr. Matthews.  She is a cancer surgeon who has shifted some of her attention recently to creating a center for integrative medicine at Baylor.            Carolyn is a frequent writer and lecturer, the mother of […]

On the soap box (again)…

If Thistle Hill has a secret weapon, it may be our mineral program.  It’s certainly not a “top secret”; many natural livestock people do what we do.  But it is not generally used in the commercial industry because of the cost involved. A cow grazing in the wild doesn’t need mineral supplementation.  She can select […]

Important information for your Thanksgiving…..

If you’re like our family, the second best thing about Thanksgiving—right after the stuffing—is the annual Turkey Bowl. Usually grandpa (your humble blogger) determines the rules (usually favoring your humble blogger).   We’ve had more than a few challenges to the rulings on the field (issued by you-know-who).  But daughter, Linda—wide receiver, mother of two running backs, wife of […]

From the Soap Box….

Sometimes it seems to us that farming is a bit like the canary in the coal mine, a kind of early warning system.  It’s the farmer who first saw the dangers of modern, industrial agriculture.  He tried to tell us that not only was he being shoved off the land, but that the corporations replacing him […]

A magic number….

….1,000!  While we’ve been occupied the past several days shipping animals to their new homes, hosting visiting firemen, and attending a conference on grass (aren’t you sorry you missed it?), this little blog that barely can, passed the thousand mark in readership. Since we got started less than two months ago, with an appropriate lack of […]

Did you know…

…that you can click on any picture on this Blog page….and the pictures enlarge to full screen? I didn’t; and I’m supposed to be in charge here.*  Just found out by accident. We will continue now, at the same low subscription price.   * I know because I reconfirm that every morrning with Wooz.

Visit from old friends….

…but a little younger than I am. Gisela and Kurt Volkert have been an important part of my life since 1967.  That’s when I was assigned to Viet Nam by CBS News.  Kurt and Gisela, newlyweds, were new to the war, too.  Kurt was one of those brave but anonymous combat cameramen who made CBS […]