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Month: October, 2011

Making it permanent….

We’re confident enough of our “mob grazing” experiment that we’ve installed electric fencing around the perimeter of our two major pastures.  In two days, Duane Ard (foreground) and Ira McDowell stretched just about a mile of high tensile wire, three lightning grounding systems and two new energizers.  We’re now supplying about 12,000 volts to most sections of […]

A dress rehearsal…

…for the Winter to come?  They say this was the earliest snowfall since the Civil War or, as folks around here call it (joking, sorta) “The War of Northern Aggression”. The cows don’t mind eating through the snow; we’ve seen them nose down almost a foot.  And they’re always amused to see what Wooz is […]

Acknowledging a debt….

One of the necessities, when you start late as we did, is to pick every brain you can find.  In developing Thistle Hill Farm and our beautiful herd of Devon I don’t think there’s been a well-known name in cattle, pastures and nutrition that we haven’t read, heard and cross-examinationed. But Dr. Dick Diven of […]

What would you do….

….if you’d just moved out from the city and awoke one morning to find four bulls on your front lawn? Well, if you knew anything about cattle, you’d think “thank God, they’re Devon”.  But our new neighbor, Mike Campagna, fresh from Alexandria, Virginia where he’s a real estate appraiser,  was up close and personal with […]

New arrivals…

…and they’re from heifers who did the job like they’d been having babies for years.   T3 in the top picture and her bull calf were interrupted at breakfast….X3 has milk on his lips just like in those advertisements.  Devon are known for their high quality milk and that means healthy calves as well as quality […]

And the winner is….

….Carolyn Lumb and her husband, Alan, of Markham, Virginia.  The Lumbs entered the drawing for the 8-pound standing rib roast from Thistle Hill at the annual Hume Day event in late September. This will be their first time sampling pure, grass fed Devon beef from Thistle Hill and we look forward to their reaction.  From […]


Here’s a scoop just for readers of our website! We’ve been told that the two Devon associations in the country have agreed to merge.  The presidents of NADA and ADCA met at the Atlanta airport for seven hours and hammered out the details of the agreement.  Final action would require a vote of the full […]

An exciting time….

We never fail to be moved by the birth of new calves so this is an emotional time of the year at Thistle Hill.   Not only are we witness to one of God’s miracles but we get to see the results of breeding decisions we made almost a year before. The little one in the […]

“Welcome, Welcome Englishmen”….

…were the words the Indian Samoset shouted to greet the Pilgrims when they arrived in the New World.  Unfortunately, Devon came on the next boat and missed that historic moment. But today is a kind of historic moment for Thistle Hill Farm.  We’re saying “welcome Englishmen”…bulls and heifers….to our shores.  Some time ago, on one of […]

She’s baaack….

As we hoped, the wandering heifer from the previous post was back this morning…just across the fence from her herdmates.  She was still skittish, but we easily walked her back into a pen and from there into the right pasture.